What is the importance of Oral Health?


Oral health is often the most over looked aspect when it comes to health and wellness, but it is equally important and good oral health is an indication that everything is functioning optimally inside the body. Good oral hygiene can prevent gum disease, tooth decay, tooth loss, prevents bad breath and bleeding gums, good oral health is connected to your over all health and wellness. Good oral health is an indication how everything is working inside your body, according to the experts the mouth is a window to every aspect of your internal health. If the oral health goes unchecked, bacteria from the mouth and gum cavity can travel to other parts of the body.

It is now known that chronic diseases such as heart diseases and cancer share common risk factors with oral diseases, such as periodontal disease of the gums. In a remarkable study the bacteria found in the mouth due to periodontal disease was located in the plaque blocking the arteries that take blood from the heart to the rest of the body. How periodontal disease of the mouth links with the heart disease is still not fully understood, and the research is on going. But a gum disease can be a risk factor or indication of a risk factor for heart disease. Research indicates that bacteria from the mouth cavity can travel up to the coronary arteries and create inflammation there.

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Inflammation of the arteries is one of the causes of coronary heart disease, although bacteria is an essential part of the mouth cavity, good bacteria helps in early digestion of food in the mouth by releasing enzymes. Most of these microbes are harmless and aid in digestion, just like good bacteria in the intestines. There are millions of microbes in the oral cavity, if you do not clean your teeth twice a day, don’t floss, these microbes can reproduce very fast and exceed the healthy number in your mouth cavity, thus creating problems. Everything in our body works in a harmony, and if the balance is disrupted it creates problems.


Out of whack bacteria from the mouth cavity can travel to other parts of the body and cause inflammation. Therefore, caring for your teeth and gums is not an isolated factor from rest of the body, but oral disease are easily preventable by maintaining good oral hygiene everyday. However, a person suffering with heart disease, diabetes and having a risk factor for stroke is more prone to developing gum diseases. Smoking, alcohol consumption, eating sugary foods, soft drinks that can even distort enamel of the teeth are all damaging to your oral health.