What is Crystal healing and does it work?



Healing crystals is a popular term used in holistic and alternative medicine, many health spas use crystals to maintain a positive flow of energy in the body. There is no scientific evidence of any such flow of energy though, and how it could be healing and help in curing diseases. But despite science not agreeing with the concept of positive energy flow into the body and negative energy flow out of the body with the help of crystals, healing crystals are gaining a lot of popularity even among celebrities.

Crystals and gemstones have always been in use in ancient cultures for a variety of purposes, these gemstones were given way more importance than using them in ornaments. It was indicated that these gemstones have substantial effects on a person’s well being who wears them or keeps them. Ancient Egyptians were the first to use crystals 6,000 years ago, these crystals were widely used to ward off diseases and negative energies, such as evil eyes.


Every stone and crystal in the alternative treatment is considered to have some powers over the well being of the person, the concept of healing crystals is very similar to the concept of “Chakras” in Buddhism and flow of energy Chi in ancient Chinese medicine. Stones like amethyst, torquoise, topaz are widely used and are believed to have different healing properties. The treatment generally works by placing healing crystals at vital points or “chakra points” of the body.


Many crystals and stones are considered lucky. There are many arguments when it comes to the authenticity of this treatment, but being treated with healing crystals does bring about a state of relaxation in the subject, which is evident in many studies. The feeling of relaxation is generally induced due to a belief in the subject that this is going to work, therefore generally it has a “placebo” effect. So, the healing crystals wouldn’t ward off any diseases or heal them, but it is not a bad idea to keep a few in your home and use while you meditate.