What happens to your body once you stop exercising



We all know exercise is so important for our body, we are made to stay active and walk more often, the WHO recommendation is 10,000 steps a day otherwise you’d be considered sedentary. Exercise is important for the health of your brain, your circulatory system, the release of feel good hormones and so much more. But most people don’t make it their priority, either they are too busy in daily chores or many are just too lazy and there are the ones too scared of joining a gym for different reasons.


It is important to note that staying in a good and healthy shape is great for boosting confidence and self-esteem, so we know the benefits are never ending, but have you ever thought what happens to your body when you stop exercising? All the fitness and muscle mass you’ve gained starts deteriorating within 2 weeks of stopping the work out, yes it is that fast, all the strength, stamina and the flexibility you’ve gained is reduced and the muscle mass can decrease up to a 35% within 2 weeks.


People can stop exercising for many different reasons, it could be an injury or an illness, no matter what the reasons are it is not a nice idea losing all the muscle mass you’ve gained due to sheer hard work and dedication towards your body. Once you stop cardio and aerobic exercises, you’d notice a significant drop in your stamina, and you’d find it more difficult to carry out simple activities like taking the stairs.


We all know exercise helps in release of endorphins and dopamine¬†that are considered the stress busters, these hormones make you feel happier and positive about situations, you’re more likely to get stressed out and become anxious when you stop exercising. The most significant thing you’d notice after stopping exercising is it would take you longer to sleep and your sleep quality (deep sleep) would also be affected.

There are many other less noticeable changes that happen in the body when you stop exercising, so why stop at all? Make exercise your priority, all you need is minimum 150 minutes of exercise a week, so just keep going!