Ways to go greener at home and beyond


Being more environmental conscious is not just good for our environment, it is good for your upcoming generations and collectively for the planet and well being of each and every human, and little things you do can make a great impact. We all need to put in those little efforts to save the environment and practice greener lifestyle and have a positive impact on the environment. No, we are not going into a global warming debate, going green doesn’t have to be expensive and you’d be doing a big favor to the environment, ecosystems and all the living species.



  • You must have heard it many times or have had done it already, switch to energy rated bulbs that cut down on electricity usage, bringing down energy bills significantly.


  • Plant trees around your house where it gets the most sunlight, thus preventing sunlight from reaching your home with the help of shade provided by plants. This helps in cutting down air conditioning bills.


  • Prefer using a dish washer as it uses lesser water than rinsing in the sink. Always turn off the water tap while brushing teeth. Replace your shower head with a low flow rate one to conserve water.


  • Power off all your devices, TV, DVD, printers, computers, game consoles, microwave, and all electronic devices everyday before going to bed.


  • Invest in insulation of your home, this will help conserve electricity and gas for both cooling and heating. Open windows and turn on fans during the summer season to let air in.


  • Drive slow, yes always try driving slow, the higher the speed the more usage of fuel. If possible try walking up to the grocery stores and nearby parks instead of taking the car.


  • To lower your heating bills, set the temperature of your heater 2 degrees lower, similarly set a high temperature for your AC than usual.


  • Buy organic fruits and vegetables whenever possible, organic meat and poultry are the best source of proteins and are healthiest for you and better for the environment.