Too Old For Fitness? No Such Thing!


I’ve been asked multiple times by those past their forties if it were too late for them to begin in fitness-it’s also a common question you see pop up on social media. There’s even those in their twenties and thirties who will ask the same questions. A simplified answer is no, it’s never too old to begin a exercise regime that will help extend your life, the quality of your life, and help you function better in your day to day activities.

There are some associated cautions those in their fifties and sixties who are involved in fitness for the first time, you have to make extra certain you ease your way into a regime. This is also a concern when you are younger, but our bodies are at higher risk of injury as we get older-especially if this is your first time becoming involved with weight lifting or any form of extensive cardio. However, there’s no need to fear there are multiple online resources where you can find quality routines for beginnings and sites where you can by the proper gym equipment.

I would be hesitant before seeking out a local trainer, I have seen trainers in my area who simply take advantage of older clients and are simply taking their money without giving them any real results. Most of that is associated with more talking about Season 2 Episode 6 of House of Cards rather than the training itself. While your trainer should be personable, they should also make sure they are helping you reach your fitness goals as well.

That may seem like a lot of work, but it definitely isn’t anything that can’t be accomplished within a week of research, thankfully the internet provides countless resources we can use to our advantage-especially when it comes to fitness and the fitness community. You are even free to respond in the comment section below if you need any individual help to reach your goals.