Tips for preventing colds and flu


Colds and flu are inevitable, you do get them once or twice a year, this is the time of the year to be cautious when fall is around, It’s difficult to prevent flu when everyone around you is sneezing and sniffling. Catching a flu can wreck havoc on your energy, depending on how long it lasts, here we are giving you few tips to protect yourself and your family from flu and colds this season.


  • Personal hygiene can help you ward off flu germs, wash your hands properly and frequently before and after eating, feeding kids, cooking, cleaning and doing other household chores. Try washing your hands at work, as well, or use a hand sanitizing solution. Regular use of antibacterial soap is not recommended.


  • It’s not a bad idea to keep cleansing wipes with you every where you go during the flu season, wipes can be used to clean surfaces you feel are dirty. Avoid biting your nails or touching your face and nose until you have washed your hands.


  • Drink plenty of foods, include fruits with vitamin C, E and A in your diet, these foods enhance immunity and can help in preventing a cold or flu. When you have a strong immune system, you don’t have to worry about catching a flu.


  • Use anti-inflammatory and antiviral herbs like turmeric, cinnamon and ginger to prevent flu. You can use turmeric in warm milk, or make a cinnamon or ginger tea and drink everyday.


  • Plenty of research shows that strong immunity starts from the gut, take probiotics regularly and increase resistance to respiratory infections, colds and flu.


  • Lack of sleep is bad for your immunity, so get plenty of sleep. Get a shot of seasonal flu vaccine whenever it becomes available.