Tips for prepping skin in the Fall season



The new season calls for some skincare haul, it is as important as finding that perfect cozy sweater or jumper and some nice boots for the fall season. As you know, when your skin is healthy you don’t have to cover it up in much makeup and concealers, everyone’s skin is different and needs different skincare, and remember your skin always makes transitions as the weather changes.



So, what are the must have products for the fall and the winter season? Number one is your moisturizer, if you were stuck with a lotion based or water based moisturizer, you probably need a more nourishing and hydrating one in the fall season that is very harsh on dry skin. Along with that you need to use a cleanser that is mild on your skin and at the same time hydrates it.


There are moisturizers that don’t strip the skin of its natural moisture and Cera Ve is one of them, and Cetaphil cleanser that is very mild. If you have very dry and sensitive skin, you can never go wrong with using Cetaphil cleanser. Reducing the number of times you scrub your skin is also beneficial. The usual after effects of sunning are sun spots aka brown spots, and open large pores due to over-activity of the sebaceous glands. It is a good idea to use serums or face foam with salicyclic acid to shrink pores.



Don’t forget to put on sunscreen in the winters, it is a major mistake many people make, UVA radiations although less intense are always there and can penetrate deep into the skin causing damage. Therefore, always apply sunscreen before doing any outdoor activities.


Dry and chappy lips are a problem for many, very dry lips are an indication you are not well hydrated, so drink 7-8 glasses of water everyday.


Still having dry lips? Use cocoa butter and beeswax that are natural ways of keeping the lips moist and smooth. You can rub olive oil onto your lips 2-3 times a day, and we won’t suggest getting addicted to a lip balm or chap stick. Exfoliate your lips, use a tooth brush to clear away chappy skin and then apply a soothing lip balm at night before sleeping.