These Mistakes Might Be Slowing Down Your Weight Loss Progress

If you’re finding it increasingly difficult to lose weight after a few weeks or even months of progress, you’re totally not alone. There are multiple explanations for a slow down in your progress. Here are some of the most common reasons.


1. Rewarding Workouts With Excessive Eating

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It’s possible that you’re totally overestimating the amount of calories you burn in a certain workout. Or maybe you use your workouts as an excuse to “reward” yourself with overeating or eating an unhealthy snack. This is a slippery slope: If you reward yourself with extra calories, it’s totally possible you’ll end up consuming more calories than you would have without the workout or the extra snack.


2. Not Eating Enough

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In a totally valid effort to avoid overeating, it’s possible that you’re not giving your body enough calories to properly function. If this is the case, your body will attempt to conserve any resources it’s getting from you. In this case, your metabolism actually slows. This is especially common among women.


3. Ignoring Your General Health

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Eating healthy food and working out are important elements of losing weight. However, there are other important elements as well. This includes mental health, hydration and good sleep. Take care of your body in all of these ways, and add on healthy eating and working out!