The connection of weight gain with Hypothyroidism

hyperthyroidism-and-thyroid-storm-28-728Hypothyroidism is a common condition of the thyroid gland which is described as an under activity of the thyroid, thus producing less thyroid hormones than needed. Women over the age of 35 have a higher rate of thyroid disorders, thyroid disorders are more common in women than in men, why is it so is still a daunting matter and requires more research. Thyroid hormones regulate many important functions in the body including metabolism, body temperature, heart beat and may effect fertility. There could be many causes behind thyroid imbalance; stress, poor lifestyle, insomnia, autoimmune disorder in which the body’s immune system attacks its own cells, or it could be due to genetics and hereditary.


When it comes to weight gain there are many factors that influence it, your lifestyle, nutrition, exercise, genetics, BMR and so much more. But there is a connection of weight gain with hypothyroidism if you aren’t eating much and still gaining weight. Unexplained weight gain could be a sign of hypothyroidism, as less thyroid hormones make your metabolic rate to drop, low metabolism means your body can’t properly burn calories for fuel, so it could be linked to few pounds of weight gain. A sluggish metabolism is linked to poor energy, fatigue, and brain fog, feeling exhausted even after having enough night’s sleep means there is something wrong with the thyroid.


The inability to lose weight despite trying everything; reducing meal portions, exercising, drinking enough water, could mean an under active thyroid is the culprit. Women with hypothyroidism find it very difficult to lose weight, hypothyroidism is not taken seriously, and it is alarming, because around 15 million people are living with it silently. They never get diagnosed because they never think they could have it. It is important to be aware of the fact that an under active thyroid can make you gain weight, and it effects many other important bodily functions. Hypothyroidism is treated with medication and dietary changes, successful treatments are conducted by endocrinologists.

Therefore, weight loss is a struggle with hypothyroidism, hypothyroidism can make you gain 10-30 pounds of weight, the other condition of irregular thyroid hormones is hyperthyroidism that makes you lose weight all of sudden, hyperthyroidism is also associated with anxiety and heart palpitations. Both conditions need your attention and should be diagnosed and treated without any delay. After your hypothyroidism would have been treated you’ll feel more energetic, will have stable weight, more concentration at work and a better mood.