See The Drastic Transformation Of This Woman Who Once Weighed A Thousand Pounds

21.Half Ton Killer



Mayra Rosales, also known as the “Half Ton Killer”, once weighed 1,036 pounds.

She says that she’d basically given up on life when she blamed herself for the death of her nephew, Eliseo, back in 2008. She’d told the police that she accidentally rolled up on top of the child, causing the boy’s death. Although later autopsy results would reveal that the boy had died from multiple injuries to the skull.

Later on, Mayra Rosales’ sister, the boy’s mother, would confess to the crime.

It was then that the “Half Ton Killer” vowed to get healthier so that she would be better able to take care of her sister’s surviving children.

These incredible images you’re about to see will show you just how much she’s transformed.