Parsley: Health benefits and many uses



Parsley is a beautiful looking herb that is primarily used to garnish a variety of savory dishes and is added in soups, the Mediterranean herb can give a green sprinkle to your dishes. Parsley offers plenty of health benefits and that is why it is one of the popular herbs in use. Here we look into some of the health benefits and uses of parsley.


  • Parsley has strong anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties like many other herbs and can help in protection against many types of cancers. Eating parsley is known to protect against breast, prostate and skin cancer.
  • Parsley an play an important role in preventing autoimmune disorders, autoimmune disorders may lead to diabetes, hypothyroidism, Celiac disease and more. Eating parsley can protect against allergies, thus enhancing the immune system.



  • Eating parsley can prevent pain and swelling in the joints due to arthritis, the powerful anti-inflammatory properties in parsley can curb the pain and swelling in the joints.
  • Parsley contains folic acid that is good for the heart health and blood vessels, it lowers the levels of homocysteine thus reducing inflammation of the blood vessels.


  • Helps in overall detox of the body, you can add parsley in your smoothies and juices and reap the benefits.
  • Other household uses of parsley include getting rid of bad breath, the strong flavor seems to neutralize bad breath and ample chlorophyll acts as an anti-bacterial.


  • Parsley is used in making face masks, parsley contains minerals and vitamins that can help brighten the skin, reduce blemishes and under eye circles. Mix chopped parsley with ACV and yogurt and apply on your face for 15-20 minutes and rinse off.