Little things to do to remove plastic from your life


It is very important to reduce plastic use in everyday life and beyond, the debate over use of plastics for health concerns and for the environment have been going on for ages, it is a well established fact that chemicals used in plastics can create a lot of health problems. BPA used in plastics has been well researched and is known to cause reproductive problems, hormonal imbalances, neurological and immune defects.

BPA has also been linked to cancer, and due to massive research the chemical has been removed from many plastics.


Phthalate are part of many plastic goods and are known endocrine disruptors, such chemicals must be avoided when feeding babies and infants. The effects of plastic waste cannot be dismissed when it comes to protecting the environment and the ecological balance, synthetic plastics are not biodegradable and it can only be recycled. It is not practically possible to give up on plastics all together, but slow and steady transition can make an impact.


Try bringing in recyclable stainless steel plates, bowls, containers, try storing food in mason jars than plastic containers. Stainless steel plates, cups and bowls are a good option for families with kids, these are light in weight and unbreakable. Carry your own tote bag to the grocery store and don’t use plastic bags.


Stop using plastic water bottles, stop using straws they are not necessary, and cook more food at home than take outs. All these little things and slow transitions can make a huge impact on the environment and subsequently your health and well being of the upcoming generation.


Whenever you are using that plastic bag or container, remember plastic that ends up in landfills and oceans takes hundreds of years to degrade, and continually release toxins to the environment, and are endangering marine life every minute.