Is fluoride in drinking water safe?


Your dentist might say Fluoride is good for your teeth when applied topically in the form of toothpastes and mouth wash and rinsed off. But are you supposed to drink it with your water? Fluoride is added to public water to help general public avoid tooth cavities and tooth decay, the process of adding fluoride is known as “fluoridation”. Fluoridation of public water has been happening in the US since the 1940s, it is alright to add it into water as far as preventing tooth decay is concerned, but recent research shows that fluoride levels in the water maybe too high and high to a level of being toxic and a potential carcinogen.

Ground water however can have naturally occurring fluoride concentrations and that differs for different regions and soil conditions, naturally occurring fluoride concentrations are generally low and do not exceed 0.3 ppm of water. But the fluoride concentration being added to drinking water could be higher than that, and in order to avoid tooth cavities and tooth decay public can utilize other methods such as fluoride containing tooth pastes and mouth washes, but there are better alternatives to protecting teeth enamel than using fluoride. And there are people who do not want any fluoride to be added to their water for health concerns.

The latest research on high levels of fluoride in drinking water and shower water has linked the toxicity to thyroid imbalances, thyroid imbalances are becoming more and more common, could fluoride be the culprit? Fluoride in water can create an autoimmune response in the body leading to thyroid problems, in which the thyroid is attacked by body’s own immune system. That is not enough, fluoride toxicity has been linked to infertility, mental retardation, pre mature aging and cancer. The incidence of down’s syndrome has increased in populations drinking water with fluoride, fluoride can be a mutagen causing mutations in the DNA of the cells leading to cancer.

It is a matter of concern, as just 1 ppm of fluoride in water is enough to cause damage to the thyroid when drunk for a certain period of time, factually there are other sources of fluoride too, many are in your food, so basically it all adds up. A study shows that Florine is chemically highly reactive and similar to iodine, therefore it can easily displace iodine from attaching to the thyroid glands and make thyroid hormones. Therefore, if you think your family’s health is at risk, start using a water filtration system, water filters are effective in removing up to 95% fluoride.