Is dry shampoo the ultimate hair savior


Dry shampoos have become really popular among people who do not like to wash their hair everyday, you just spritz some dry shampoo on your hair, it absorbs oil and makes your locks look clean and shiny for the day. But regular use of dry shampoo can be harmful as some dermatologists and hair experts suggest. A dry shampoo doesn’t really clean your hair, a wet or regular shampoo is meant to remove excess sebum, pollutants, debris, dead skin cells and other impurities from the scalp and hair that a dry shampoo cannot do.



If you don’t wash your scalp it can cause excess build up of oil, debris and microbes leading to dandruff and other hair conditions. If you are having a scalp condition like dermatitis or psoriasis you should refrain from using dry shampoos. Build up of preservatives, irritants from hair styling products on the scalp is not good for your hair and a dry shampoo cannot help clean that, so regular use of dry shampoo is not recommended.

Dry shampoo should be used when it’s really needed and like a styling product and not a regular cleaning product.


Yes, dry shampoo could save the day for you if you’re running short of time and want your hair to look the best, but it’s not the ultimate hair savior when it comes to scalp health. Dry shampoo can also make your hair color look dull and less shiny over the period of time. Proper washing and cleaning your hair every 2,3 days is recommended by all hair experts, and as far as hair fall goes your natural hair fall is more influenced by the nutrients in your food than the shampoo you use for cleansing.


You need to cleanse your hair with water to keep the pores clean, keep your hair hydrated and maintain the optimal scalp balance just the way you cleanse your face everyday.