How to clean your face without washing it


When you over cleanse your face, you are actually doing more harm than good, and there are many ways of cleansing your face without water. Yes, it is possible to remove face washing from your skin care routine, and most importantly you’d be doing a great initiative for water conservancy. If you wear a lot of make up, you should use a cleanser or face wipes that remove all or nearly all impurities and residues from the face. Luckily, skincare is catching up and being environmental conscious, and bringing out new products that cut the need of using water, and are great for your skin, too.



There are makeup removal face wipes by all leading brands, including Neutrogena and Olay, cleansing towelettes by these brands are effective and affordable, usual face wash routine is actually not that effective in removing make up and pollutants, and dirt particles and make up residues stay behind causing aging. Many celebrities have joined in and are voicing out about water conservancy and how much water we waste in washing our faces twice everyday. If you don’t want to invest in cleansing wipes, there are many other ways to cleanse your face without wasting water.



Oil cleansing is an ancient technique of cleaning your face, and yes it does remove makeup effectively, you can use olive oil that is monounsaturated oil, very light, non-greasy and provides a moisture barrier for your skin. Basically, it is dual purpose skincare product, clean your face with it and it moisturizes and plumps your skin, thus eliminating the need of a moisturizer after cleansing. Cleansing with oils is effective for people with sensitive skin, who find synthetic cleansers very harsh and irritating on the skin.



Just dab some oil with your fingertips on the face and eyes, let it soak in, remove with cotton pads, you can also use coconut oil. Cleansing milks are a good option too for both removing makeup and moisturizing in one step. Micellar water is all the rage these days, and the general census is it is good for all skin types, it clearly doesn’t require you to wash your face, little micelles in the water attract dirt and makeup particles removing makeup and cleaning your skin in one swipe, also helping keep the skin moisture intact.