How cooking at home can make you fit


If you are worried about the widening of your waist line, it is time to revamp your diet and make healthier food choices, and the first place to start from is your kitchen, yes the revamping requires substituting ingredients with healthier options, if you cook at home at all. Take a look back at 1910 when eating outside the home was not a norm, and only 2% meals were eaten out, people would prepare food from local and seasonal, organic ingredients, grass-fed meat and dairy and there were lesser percentages of obesity, now in 21st century obesity is on the rise, even 3 year-old kids are becoming obese. Why, because we stopped cooking meals at home.

When industrialized food took over, it added processed ingredients, fats, salt, sugar and unhealthy oils into our systems, right now in the US 35% adults are considered obese, and that is not being slightly overweight, obesity means being overweight to an extent that puts you at greater risk of developing life-threatening chronic diseases. Still, there are many who prefer home cooked meals for their family and children, because home cooked food has less sugar, sodium, calories and Trans Fats than processed foods. You are in total control of what goes into your food.

There are many health benefits of eating fresh and local, plus you cook can cook your food in a hygienic manner and avoid bacterial contamination and food poisoning. A research shows that people who have home cooked meals everyday eat 140 fewer calories than people who don’t, and you can see how that adds up over the year. Cooking at home doesn’t take much time, once you get a hang of it, plus it is very economical to eat at home. You can visit your local farmer’s market and buy seasonal fruits and veggies and organic meat, this will cost you much less than what you pay at the grocery store.

Your stomach will thank you once you start cooking food at home, and this excludes frozen meals and ready to eat foods. People who eat more home cooked food experience with less gut problems and digestive illnesses, and it does help you in staying fit and works for your body. Processed foods and refined carbs only make you crave more food, home cooked and whole foods help curb appetite and keep you full for longer. Food can have healing properties, cooking food at home makes you aware and increases your knowledge about food.

Therefore, if you’re looking to lose a few pounds, look for delicious and nutritious recipes, and start making meals at home today.