Five reasons to eat dates everyday

Dates are nutrient-dense super food, since the ancient times dates have been consumed for their nutritious and energy benefits, dates are one of the oldest cultivated plants and are fruits of a palm tree. Dates have vitamins, minerals and fiber; minerals like iron, manganese and magnesium. Considering the majority of population is deficient in magnesium, it is a good idea to eat natural foods that are a good source of magnesium. Here are few of many reasons why you should be eating 3-4 dates every day.

Good for your heart

Dates are healthy for the heart, potassium in dates is known to reduce LDL in the blood, these low-density lipoproteins are mainly responsible for clogging arteries.



Boost your energy

Consuming dates instantly boost your energy, natural sugars like fructose and glucose are instant source of energy for the body, can help in replenishing after an hour at the gym.


Dates are good for your gut

The whole wellness and goodness revolves around the gut, what type of foods you eat and how the nutrients are absorbed, gut flora; all these effect the overall health. Dates have soluble fiber that is very good for your digestion.


Improve your immune system

Dates can help in improving your immune system, as it contains important minerals like selenium and magnesium, selenium is also required for better cognitive thinking.



Assist in labor

Many clinical studies have proven that eating dates in the last 4 weeks of pregnancy assist in labor, makes the labor period shorter and smoother. Eating 2-3 dates everyday in the last one-two months of pregnancy are beneficial.