Find Out Where Women Outperform

Todays workplace is highly volatile. Since the recession, the job market has been changing. The average person will hold three entirely different jobs over their lifetime. However, the most dramatic change is with women in the workplace.

Certain roles such as Pharmacists, Speech Pathologist, and Dental Assistants are now predominantly women. Further, women are more likely to be in a management position, with 27% of Chief Executives now women. Close to 10 million women own their own business, and 3/10 of those business are female veteran owned.

The reason for the increase varies. One fact to note though, women are 8% more likely to have a degree by the time they are 29 years old. This is a key factor in finding and retaining quality jobs. Something which women do well with a 4.8 percent unemployment rate.

The only major area where women have declined is the computer field. Where they have shown a steady decrease since 1990.