Do you feel tired all the time, here’s why


Feeling tired all the time, lack of energy and general fatigue could be a sign a medical condition; hypothyroidism, sleep apnoea, anemia are the most well-known causes of lack of energy. There are other diseases that could cause a feeling of drained out and lack of energy all the time, it can effect every aspect of your life, even having enough night’s sleep sometimes cannot solve the problem. Not so well-known causes behind feeling tired all day are Celiac disease, diabetes, depression and anxiety, these can all make you feel washed out. Celiac disease is a digestive intolerance towards gluten, it can give you a feeling of tiredness all day.



Celiac disease is often overlooked, as not many people know it can affect every part of your body, celiac disease is an inherited disease in most cases, when you eat any food containing gluten your body reacts considering it as a foreign substance and the immune system starts attacking healthy cells. Gluten is primarily present in wheat flours, rye and barley. A complete gut healing requires removal of all forms and all foods containing gluten, including breads, baked goods and cereals. It is important to first get tested for celiac disease before making any dietary changes. This condition causes chronic fatigue, because your GI can’t properly absorb nutrients from food anymore causing a kind of malnutrition.


Once you cut out gluten and eat more meat, fish, fruits, nuts and vegetables, and all the healthy gluten-free food, your gut starts to heal and you feel more energetic, motivated and have a positive mood. As they say when your gut is happy, your body is happy! Anemia is another common cause of tiredness, it is common in both young women and menopausal women, and could give a feeling of constant run down. Eating meat and leafy green vegetables helps a lot in anemia, plus you should ask your doctor for iron and vitamin supplements.

thyroid lab report

Hypothyroidism is fairly common and a silent disorder of the thyroid gland that is caused by its under activity, one of the symptoms of under active thyroid is lack of energy and feeling of tiredness all day. Women are 10 times as likely as men to have an under active thyroid, you should ask your GP for a thyroid blood test if you have feelings of tiredness and fatigue all day. Diabetes can also cause fatigue and tiredness, it is important to get your blood glucose tested every now and then.