Brain Doctors Name The Foods You Should Avoid

We are always hearing about foods that are great for our brains, like berries, salmon and more. They help keep us sharp and our memories vivid. But what about the foods we should be avoiding? Prevention Magazine talked to top brain doctors, from neuroscientists to psychologists, to ask about what foods we should avoid in terms of brain health. Here are a few things they mentioned:


Artificial Aweeteners

Artificial sweeteners

According to recent studies, artificial sweeteners are linked to type 2 diabetes, which is linked to Alzheimer’s and increases your chances of brain degeneration.


Prepared or “Flaky” Biscuits


In order to achieve a flaky texture, trans fats are often used to make packaged biscuits. The effects of trans fat on the brain can lead to brain skrinkage and inflammation and can interrupt nerve transmission.


High-Mercury Fish


Mercury, found mostly in fish, affects people cognitively, but also impacts the cerebellum, the section of the brain that controls your balance and vision.