Are all natural Deodorants really worth the hype?


Green beauty experts swear by natural deodorants, but do they really work? Let’s first shed some light why you should or should not use conventional, chemical based deodorants. The link of the deodorants, anti-perspiration rolls-on to breast cancer made many users nervous, there could be many harmful ingredients in your deodorant, as different companies use different ingredients, but one ingredient is very common; aluminum. Aluminum compounds are frequently used in deodorants, basically aluminum plugs the sweat ducts and you cannot sweat when you apply a deodorant containing it.

It is the most effective chemical in blocking sweat, but the concerns were posed on its safety when using it everyday, as an estimate shows around 90% of Americans apply deodorants everyday, applying it daily can pose some health risks. Although, the study is still going on and it’s not definite, aluminum however, can be absorbed from the skin into your blood stream just like parabens and can act like estrogen. Estrogen mimicking factor is linked to breast cancer, and that is why parabens have been banned in most parts of the EU, and in many other countries.

Many deodorants contain silica which is a skin irritant, if your deodorant irritates your skin, you better stop using it. Propylene glycol in deodorants is considered a neurotoxin, and there are other questionable ingredients that make regular use of these products a concern. Natural deodorants on the other hand are made of all natural and organic ingredients, usually made of essential oils, witch hazel, baking soda, lavender, cornstarch, tea tree oil, rose oil, citrus, sage, sandalwood, rosemary, lemon grass and Aloe Vera.

All these ingredients work well by killing off the bacteria on your skin that is responsible for the odor rather than blocking sweat ducts. None of these ingredients irritate the skin, unless someone is allergic to any of them. Natural deodorants do work and there are many companies making them, so if you want to go aluminum free, alcohol and fragrance free, try the natural ones. Natural deodorants do live up to the hype in preventing odor and saving up embarrassment, many can even work when you train hard at the gym and sweat a lot.

Remember, natural deodorant is not for everyone, but if you have health concerns and would like to give it a try, look for an all natural and organic deodorant that best suits your lifestyle.